7 Things Faculty & Staff Can Do to Support JSU's Title IX Efforts

1. Widely publish the name and contact information of JSU’s Title IX Coordinator.

  • This is a regulatory requirement
  • Include links to our website on your website pages
  • For all publications (e.g. newspapers, magazines, websites, memorandum or other written material) distributed to applicants for admission or employment, employees, and sources of referral of applicants for admission and employment, should include the following statement: Inquiries concerning Title IX may be referred to Jennifer Argo, Title IX Coordinator at 700 Pelham Road, North, 102 Bibb Graves Hall, Jacksonville, Alabama 36265; phone: (256) 782-5769; email: jlargo@jsu.edu
  • Sample Syllabus Language
    • Title IX of the Educational Amendments of 1972 prohibits discrimination based on sex in any educational institution that receives federal funding.  Jacksonville State University does not tolerate sex discrimination of any kind including: sexual misconduct, sexual harassment, domestic violence, stalking or other conduct that is addressed in the university’s “Title IX Gender-Based and Sexual Misconduct Policy.”  This type of conduct may interfere with or limit an individual’s ability to benefit from or participate in JSU’s educational programs or activities.  Anyone with knowledge of this type of conduct are asked to immediately report such incidents to the University Police Department  at (256) 782-5050 or the Title IX Coordinator at (256) 782-5769. These incidents may also be reported to an instructor, faculty or staff member, who are required to notify the Title IX Coordinator.  If a student wishes to keep the information confidential, the student may speak with a counselor at the Counseling Services office at (256) 782-5475 or a medical provider at Student Health Services (256) 782-5310.  For more information about Title IX, please visit the JSU Title IX webpage at www.jsu.edu/titleix.

2. Confused about your responsibilities? Contact our Title IX Coordinator with questions or to schedule a training.

3. Ensure gender equity in your classroom. Recognize and stop bullying behavior on the basis of gender, gender identity and gender expression. Eliminate sexist language, comments and conduct. 

4. Support our students’ right to self-identify and respect their decisions. 

5. Report incidents you become aware of to the Title IX Coordinator immediately.  To make a report, contact the Title IX Coordinator by phone, email or in person. Or, a report can be made on our website.

6. Ensure your department has protocols in place for students to make up any academic work they may miss as a result of an incident or to transfer jobs or miss work without penalty.

7. Ensure equal access and equal participation for pregnant and parenting students in your classrooms.